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Case Study

Easypurge Procedure App

How we helped Easypurge increase customer satisfaction and purging efficiency with a web app designed to support their customers 24/7.


Easypurge: changing the plastic industry for good.

Easypurge, is a company based in Spain. They are probably the most innovative brand in the plastic purging industry thanks to their highly concentrated purging compound (one of the most effective cleaning formulas out there) and their applied technologies.

Purging compounds?

Purging compounds are primarily used in the plastic industry for colour and material changes. 

For instance, a plant produces hundreds of thousands of green 7-up bottles, and right after they finish that production, they need to start making transparent water bottles. 

 This process, when not optimised, creates tons of plastic waste and is not cost-effective. Easypurge reduces machine downtime, scrap, cost, and  overall carbon and plastic foot-print.

We started our strategic partnership with Easypurge in 2017, and since then, we have worked together to help the plastic industry increase its efficiency by reducing plastic waste, contamination, and costs. 

APS and Bottle

Easypurge APC fully configured. CGI Content created by Cat Media Ltd. for device and process support documentation.

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The problem

Purging is an overly complex process that involves a significant number of technical parameters. The procedure must be done in some specific order to maximise the results. Although the engineering team at Easypurge have worked hard to simplify this process, the disruptive nature of Easypurge sometimes creates friction when training operators to adopt a new method of purging, different from the one they have been doing for years. 

 The wide variety of materials used in plastic production makes it hard to create just one standardised procedure. To get the best possible results, Easypurge compound must be applied differently depending on the materials used and the size of the machine the customer wants to purge

 To achieve this, Easypurge advisors would collect information about the customer's specific needs and come back with a custom-made guide optimised for their particular workflow. They also had to keep a record of each guide sent by email for support purposes. 

This process was very time consuming for sales and support reps and reduced their overall performance.

The Solution

A web app development. We worked together with the sales and technical teams at Easypurge to collect all the data used during years of support provided to hundreds of customers worldwide.

Using this information, our developers created a web app with a simple interface that requires only 3 primary inputs from the customer to create a customised guide with a highly optimised application procedure that ensures the purging process's quality.

This way, plant managers, machine operators and everyone involved in the production process get support from Easypurge 24/7 on their phones.  


QR Code sticker on PET Preform injection machine to grant easy access to the Easypurge Custom Procedure Guide App to every operator.

HubSpot Video

How does it work?

  1. The operator selects the type of procedure: "Colour Change" or "Material Change."
  2. The operator selects the "From" and "To" materials from a list of 22 different options.
  3. The operator selects the size of the machine in tons.
  4. The system creates a custom step by step guide on how to apply Easypurge for the customer's specific use case. The guide can be shared, printed, or downloaded as a PDF (coming soon) 

HubSpot CRM integration

The app is tightly integrated with the HubSpot CRM implementation for Easypurge front-facing teams to manage customer interactions. Every purge procedure consultation is pushed to the customer’s page on HubSpot as a timeline event and updates custom properties like "Machine Size" and "Last material change." 

 Sales and support reps receives a notification on their device of choice every time one of their assigned customers make a query. This way, the customer service team can follow each of the customers' activities using the app and respond quickly with relevant information to every support ticket. 

 The sales team also benefits from this integration that enables them to provide relevant and helpful information to upsell products and services to existing customers or onboard new customers by maximising test speed and effectiveness.

 This way, we improved customer satisfaction and process efficiency for both plastic producers and Easypurge from facing teams. 

Timeline Events

Timeline event sample of a customer query on the customer's card on the HubSpot CRM.

Discover how we helped Easypurge optimise their sales and marketing process by  implementing the HubSpot CRM

The Custom Procedure App improved the way our customers are using our products. Now it's easier than ever to provide personalised support. This has improved our test to sale rate and customer satisfaction significantly.

Andrés Rodriguez
Sales Director of Easypurge

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