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HubSpot helps businesses grow with a comprehensive CRM platform that provides all the tools and integrations needed to generate more leads, accelerate sales, optimise customer service for success. Whether you are new to HubSpot or an existing customer, we can help you set up and optimise your portal to suit your business needs.

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Working with a partner agency is an excellent way to get started. We are true believers in the Inbound methodology and experts in the HubSpot ecosystem. We will help you through onboarding and training processes, but most importantly, if you want to go to the next level when it comes to customising your CRM for your needs, Cat Media is part of your team to make the best of your investment.

HubSpot Solutions

CRM Migration

HubSpot CRM is an amazing tool for your business. Don't let old or boring technology hold you back, we can help make sure that this powerful and easy-to-use platform will meet all of your needs!

HubSpot Onboarding

At Cat Media, we believe in the power of a personalised experience to drive growth. As such, our team will work with you and your specific needs so that all can be met through guided onboarding processes that align perfectly with what's needed.

Inbound Marketing

Get leads that really want to talk with you. Build stronger business relationships. Inbound marketing is a better way to connect with your audience and solve problems they're already facing.

Sales Enablement

Lead scoring, segmentation and workflows are all tools that Sales Managers can use to improve their ability for lead conversion. A whole ecosystem designed specifically with your business needs in mind!


We want to make sure your team understands the platform and has all of the tools at hand in order for them to be more productive. We ensure success by providing a comprehensive guide for adoption (training) as well as regular updates about new features!

Portal Optimisation

You know your HubSpot portal is a bit of a mess, but you don't have time to clean it up. That's where we come in: our team will fix the problems and make sure everything runs smoothly on-site for all stakeholders involved!


Unify your tech stack with the right ecosystem architecture. Eliminate data silos by leveraging HubSpot Operations Hub and Custom API Integrations to run a more intelligent, resilient operation that reduces costs while increasing revenue potentials for your company.

Web Design & Development

We focus on developing and designing data-driven websites constructed with adaptability in mind to continuously evolve by responding to the changes occurring within your industry while also keeping up with new technology using HubSpot CMS.

Video Marketing

The power and influence of storytelling can be seen daily with how we connect people, inspire one another to take action or make it easier for them by simplifying messages that would otherwise seem overwhelming at times!

Awards & Certifications

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Customer Success

We are happy to share our customer's stories of success. We've grown and improved together, from the very start when they first reached out for help with their company or product launch - all throughout this time as well as each new milestone that came along in between we were always there alongside them cheering on every step forward until finally reaching one point where it felt like things couldn't get much better than what had already been accomplished--and then something happened!

Catmedia brought structure and uniformity to our digital channels in form of an inbound content strategy. From the moment we started working together our focus have switched to engaging customers by helping them with useful and relevant content. This has allowed us to create more meaningful and personal relationships with our customers as we add more value to them.

Andres Rodriguez
Marketing Manager of Easypurge

Cat Media were set quite the challenge. We needed to pivot and pivot fast as a result of Covid 19. Nothing was too much trouble, Indira and the team were on hand and hands-on. They have been instrumental in redeveloping the website for better customer UX and maximum SEO. Our social media engagement is now relevant and managed. We are beginning to see results with ROI and online customer captivation. They are committed to our growth strategy and success.

Vicki Pillow
Marketing Director of House of Lor

Cat media has the best advice for growing business, in terms of inbound marketing, innovative web design, and communication content creation. They are always available to set a free online consultation, a Rendez-Vous as we say here in Paris.

Ruben S.
Founder of Huit Merch

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