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HubSpot CRM Delivers Higher ROI

Growing Your Business with HubSpot

See why customers who use HubSpot grow twice as fast

HubSpot, the Customer Relationship Management Platform that provides its clients with analytical tools and data about their marketing campaigns. HubSpot analysed the results from 103k+ customers of Hubspot CRM Platform across multiple industries (including yours) and the data speaks volumes!


In one year of using HubSpot, customers see an average 189% increase in website traffic and 180% more leads coming through their front door. 



According to HubSpot's data, customers see on average a 92% increase in deals closed-won and a 41% higher close rate one year after purchasing the software.

Source: HubSpot 
Source: HubSpot 

You're considering investing in HubSpot CRM? Discover the benefits of using HubSpot CRM with the interactive report below.

With its data-driven approach, HubSpot is a leading platform that helps companies of all sizes grow their customer base. The report will discuss different industries and company sizes using HubSpot successfully in the marketplace today as well as how your organization can benefit from combining hubs or by utilizing HubSpot's full power over time!

HubSpot CRM Platform Interactive Report

Source: HubSpot 

Transform your business with HubSpot CRM

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Working with a partner agency is an excellent way to get started. We are true believers in the Inbound methodology and experts in the HubSpot ecosystem. We will help you with HubSpot CRM onboarding; through implementation and training processes but most importantly if you want to go to the next level when it comes to customising your CRM for your own needs, Cat Media work as part of your team to make the best of your investment.

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