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Easypurge Case Study: HubSpot CRM Implementation & Inbound

Active purging comping compound for the plastic industry

Easypurge Growth Digital Path

Website: easypurgeapc.com
Owner: Euromarine Services
Industry: Manufacturing
Country: Spain

Easypurge brand has been in the market for more than seven years. The development of Easypurge began in 2013 with the collaboration of the Ascamm Technological Center of Barcelona, Spain. A unique concentrated product with a superior performance to the leading formulas in the market. By 2020, Easypurge is being used in more than 30 countries around the world by renowned global companies such as Alpla, Logoplaste, Resilux, and Coca Cola.

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HubSpot CRM Implementation

Easypurge disrupts the plastic purging industry, introducing a new process for large scale facilities to perform complex colour and material changes, helping them save time and resources. Because of the disrupting nature of the product, our main challenge was changing the mind of highly experienced process engineers and showing them a better way.

HubSpot CRM was an excellent option as a replacement for the existing custom CRM. The custom CRM was developed more than 10 years ago thinking about the objectives of the company at that moment, but as they grew, it became more complicated and expensive to improve and maintain it. So they needed a solid solution with the ability to be expanded and customised. We were confident that--over time--we could help them see the incredible staying power of the tool as a permanent solution for their sales, marketing and service teams.


HubSpot Implementation Process:

Migration from a Custom made CRM, built on PHP 5.6 and MariaDB SQL database system.

  • Data structure analysis.
  • Confidential Data agreement
  • Exporting data from the custom CRM - MariaDB SQL database system.
  • Data modelling – ERD.
  • Depuration, organisation, and formatting.
  • Preparing and mapping data to match HubSpot CRM properties.
  • Over 5k company records for migration.
  • Importing the data into HubSpot CRM using .xlsx spreadsheets.
  • Creating past timeline events.
  • 10 years of emails from private server migrated to Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) & sync with HubSpot CRM.
  • Creating custom properties and CRM extensions.
  • Appointment management for Online and Face to Face Consultations.
  • In-browser international calls set up.
  • Email consultation workflow
  • Email sequences templates implementation


We trained existing team members with flexible, interactive sessions and at the same time recording this content repurposed for future training and onboarding new hires.


Support area for team members and users 

We implemented Live chat, chatbots and ticket system for support team. As well as creating an LMS (Learning Management System) where user's guide and documentation of products and equipment will live, as well as a quick setup and user's guide videos and demo and training videos for factory tests (decision stage).

We empowered Easypurge sales team with content and tools that reduce friction to their sales cycle. The sales and services teams at Easypurge manage their complete operation remotely with clients in more than 50 countries.

Growth-Driven Web Design & Marketing alignment 

HubSpot's Inbound Methodology

Easypurge main goal since 2019 has been the acquisition of new clients in the largest and most consuming markets such as North America and Asia, which represent 17.7% and 29.4% of world production, respectively. Working closely with Easypurge marketing team, we developed buyer personas, aligned SMART goals, and generated High End CGI content for TOFU, MOFU and BOFU - using Inbound Marketing with HubSpot tools like landing pages, CTAs and lead capture forms.

Additionally, redesigning the website design and created a growth-driven plan. We were able to increase Easypurge lead to customer rate by 20% using targeted marketing efforts and educating their ideal buyer with content that talks the same language, combining outreach strategic alliances with distributors in countries such as North America, China, Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Vietnam and Qatar.


easypurge website made by Cat Media


Our sales and marketing enablement partnership is growing consistently every month focusing lead segmentation for target accounts aligning ABM strategies. By the end of 2020 we are solidifying total leadership buy-in on the HubSpot CRM as a permanent solution instead of the original temporary-use mindset.

easypurge founder Cat Media marketing

The association with this provider has been key to generate awareness of our value proposition,
increase sales revenue and outreach, give support to our clients using technology software, for the generation of high-end 3D content and have been an important part of numerous marketing strategies.

Juan Romano
Founder of Easypurge

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